Dr. Elizabeth Klerman and Human Sleep Restriction

On March 28th, Dr. Klerman will be visiting the institute. Dr. Klerman hails from Harvard Medical School and is part of the Division of Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Disorders. Dr Klerman’s current research focuses on  the interaction of endocrine, circadian, and sleep rhythms in normal and pathological states.

Dr. Klerman


Dr. David Van Essen and the Human Connectome Project

The Neuroscience Institute is pleased to host Dr. Van Essen on March 21st at 1230 pm in the second year classroom. David C. Van Essen is Alumni Endowed Professor in the Anatomy & Neurobiology Department. Along with
Kamil Ugurbil, he is Principal Investigator of the Human Connectome Project (www.humanconnectome.org/).
His studies of human cerebral cortex provide insights regarding normal variability, abnormalities in specific
diseases, and patterns of cortical development.

Dr. Van Essen