Sign-up for Career Development Opportunities under the U54!

For students, post-docs, staff and junior faculty:

1. Grant Writing Course – A one day course sponsored by FASEB entitled “Write Winning Grants Seminar” will be held here at MSM in the NCPC auditorium on Wednesday March 12. This one day seminar is geared for post-doctoral fellows (or staff equivalents) and junior faculty. Preregistration is required, and space may be limited so register as soon as possible. The registration site can be accessed by the following link:

2. Figure Presentation Discussions – We are initiating a quarterly seminar, where participants will be required to prepare and present a Figure or set of Figures (depending on how advanced their project is) from your own “in progress”, unpublished research work with a short half page synopsis of the results in the form of an expanded Figure Legend.

This seminar has a three-fold purpose: A) It will help you to organize your thoughts and research story in a manner appropriate for publication; B) You will practice disseminating the information to others; and C) You will review and critique others in their presentation. These discussions will be facilitated by faculty and open to all who wish to participate (from students to junior faculty). Figures presented should be publication quality (usually computer generated). If you are so early into your project that you still do not have any results, we would like to see Figures containing mock data of what you expect from your experiments. this preparation should not take more than a few hours (or less). Our first meeting will be Friday morning, March 7th. Please see me if you are interested.

The faculty members of the Neuroscience Institute hope that you will take advantage of the enrichment opportunities that have been made available.

If you have questions, contact